Refresher courses

Enhanced rider training in Durham and throughout the North East

Refresher courses

If you passed your test a few years ago but haven’t been riding for a while, then Ace Motorcycle Training offers refresher courses that may be just what you need. These are relaxed courses for riders to bring their skills up to date, which we’ve incorporated into our training schedule. We are keen to understand what you are looking to achieve and will tailor each course appropriately.

We start by taking the opportunity to find out about your riding skills and previous experience, while giving you the chance to tell us about the kind of things you want to focus on. If you’re riding one of our bikes and haven’t ridden for a long time, we may start you off on a lighter bike.

The certificate is valid for 2 years and must be presented to the examiner when a candidate turns up for his/ her DAS test on any category of motorcycle or moped.

Training can be taken on any type of bike (including automatics and mopeds) with one certificate covers all other types. However, if you take the test on a bike with a sidecar or a three-wheeler, the CBT will be restricted to those types of machine only. Incidentally, most insurance companies will not issue an insurance certificate to a learner until a valid CBT certificate has been produced.

Safety First

We start the day with a short ride to make sure you are comfortable with the bike and allow your instructor to plan a suitable route. Basic road safety is always vital when returning to motorcycle riding, so our minimum aim is to make you a safer rider, reminding you of the basic skills that all riders need.

Improving your skills

The key to improving your riding skills is in the ability to plan ahead. We look at the steps required to plan overtakes, corners and general hazard avoidance. This will cover everything from positioning to use of gears, brakes and counter-steering.


Prices for this course will vary, please ask one of our team for more information.

For more details on our refresher courses In Durham and throughout the North East, contact Ace Motorcycle Training today.