Compulsory Basic Training

First introduced for provisional licence holders in 1990, Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is now a legal requirement for all learner riders.

What is the CBT?

The CBT is a course of instruction, safe practice and assessment for new riders wanting to ride a scooter or geared motorcycle. It is the first step to two wheels and must, by law, be taken by any new rider before they ride on the road using ‘L’ plates. You have to be at least 16 years old to ride a 50cc machine and 17 years old to ride a 125 cc scooter/motorcycle.

Even if you never ridden a bike before, our friendly and knowledgable instructors are on hand to start your motorcycling journey.

Who needs a CBT?

  • 16 year olds can only ride up to 50cc mopeds.
  • 16 year olds must have a Provisional Licence and have Category AM on their Licence to ride a moped.
  • 17 year olds and over can only ride up to 125cc motorbikes.
  • 17 years or over who are going to ride a 125cc bike on a Provisional Licence, must have ‘Category AM’ on their licence. 

Before training can commence, we require:

  • Your driver’s licence with required entitlements
  • If using your own machine an MOT certificate (Over 3 years old) and a certificate of insurance
  • For the bike, It must be Taxed and have L plates, as well as sufficient fuel for the day’s training
  • We highly reccomend having a read of the highway code before attending your CBT.

The Timetable of Events!

We commence the CBT at 9am.

After checking your driving licence and conducting an eyesight check, we will then move to the classroom to discuss the 5 elements of the CBT.

Element A: 

Introduction to the CBT – We will discuss the aims of the CBT and what we are looking for throughout the day.

Equipment and Clothing – The importance of having the correct and legal clothing.

Element B:

Practical on site training – This element covers the controls of the motorcycle and some basic maintenance skills.

Element C:

Practical on site training – The actual riding of the motorcycle, in this element we cover basic manoeuvres and machine control in a variety of scenarios.

Element D:

Introduction to road riding – This is a class room based session where we discuss the rules of the road, how to keep ourselves safer and various road surfaces and conditions that can affect us on 2 wheels.

Element E:

On Road Training – you must undertake a minimum of 2 hours on road training at a satisfactory level to complete your CBT and receive your DL196 certificate.

Please note: we do not issue certificates if we do not think you will be safe out on the road.

Call us today for a chat about CBT and book yourself in on our next session. For more information call: