Compulsory Basic Training

First introduced for provisional licence holders in 1991, Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is now a legal requirement for all learner riders, no matter which type of licence they hold.

What is CBT?

Other than on a full licence, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle or moped on the road unless the rider is the holder of a valid CBT certificate. The certificate is only obtainable from an Approved Training Body (ATB) and is issued only on completion of a prescribed course of training.

The certificate is valid for 2 years and must be presented to the examiner when a candidate turns up for his/ her DAS test on any category of motorcycle or moped.

Training can be taken on any type of bike (including automatics and mopeds) with one certificate covers all other types. However, if you take the test on a bike with a sidecar or a three-wheeler, the CBT will be restricted to those types of machine only. Incidentally, most insurance companies will not issue an insurance certificate to a learner until a valid CBT certificate has been produced.

Who needs a CBT?

  • 16 year olds can only ride up to 50cc bikes.
  • 17 year olds and over can only ride up to 125cc bikes.
  • 16 year olds must have a Provisional Licence and have Category P on their Licence to ride a moped.
  • 17 years or over who are going to ride a 125cc bike on a Provisional Licence, must have ‘Category A’ on their licence. Please check this entitlement and give the dates from/ to for the ‘category A’ when making a booking
  • Full car licence holders are entitled to ride up to a 50cc bike without undertaking CBT and don’t have to display L plates. If they are going to ride anything over 50cc, they must have a current CBT certificate.

Before training can commence, we require:

  • Your driver’s licence with required entitlements
  • If using your own machine an MOT certificate (Over 3 years old) and a certificate of insurance
  • For the bike, an up to date tax disc and L plates, as well as sufficient fuel for the day’s training
The Timetable of Events!

Commencing at 9:00am and concluding at about 5:00pm, the CBT begins with some theory about the bike that you are about to ride. You will be taught how to ride in straight lines, before progressing to left and right hand turns, where to position yourself for junctions and roundabouts etc. On completion of the practical work (depending on the instructor’s confidence in their pupil) the next phase of your CBT is to take the bike out for a ride on the roads. Initially in a quiet area, in order to put into practice what has been learnt, then amongst heavier traffic putting the same exercises into practice. Once you have reached the required standard, a CBT certificate will be issued.

What if I fail the CBT?

If, for some reason, you do not reach the basic standard, you will be asked to return at a convenient time to complete the road ride. This is provided at no extra cost.

Please note: we do not issue certificates if we do not think you will be safe out on the road.

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